The stillness between rising cutthroat trout. (at somewhere in MT)
Pleasantly surprised to find hucks still holding on above 6000ft.  Numerous freeze/thaw cycles turned an already perfect berry into something magical—spheres of wine. (at somewhere in MT)
Spent the afternoon ridge running with elk, grouse, and a bear on the northern edge of the Bob Marshall Wilderness (at wild country)
It’s best to give a strutting spruce grouse the same buffer as you would a grizzly—they don’t like moving their display off the trail.
South Fork of the Flathead (at Flathead River)
colors for a moody day in the mountains (at Glacier NP)
a willow turns into a moose
Left the mountains yesterday to join a morning TV show this morning.  Next up, a radio interview followed by a presentation in Missoula.  Doing my part to bring the wild inside. (at Missoula, Montana)
Every summer sheep cover Mount Jumbo’s open slopes.  Enrique is the shepherd watching over these noxious weed eating creatures.  I met him while trail running up there a few years ago and always try to catch up with him using my broken Spanish.  During one visit a ewe gave birth to two lambs far away from the rest of the flock.  Enrique found the lambs hidden in tall grass, grabbed one lamb and handed it me, then cradled the other and walked it back to the safety of the pen.  With a lamb in one arm and camera in the other I snapped this frame of Enrique, keeper of the sheep. (at Mount Jumbo, Missoula)
Missoula friends, 
I’ll be in town giving a presentation at the Roxy theatre this Friday at 2:30pm.  Swing by and say hello.  If I miss you there you’ll find me running Mt. Jumbo or Sentinel. (at Mount Jumbo, Missoula)
"beast the color of winter"   —Douglas H. Chadwick
snow on ice
the clouds were dancing  (at Glacier NP)
lights in the forest (at Glacier National Park)
even elk avoid bushwhacking