Excited to catch up with @slukenelson at The Rut 50k race this weekend!  #runtherut
it won’t be long…
winter returns to the high country
set up camp under the watchful eye of this fellow
along the Highline (at Glacier National Park)
Great Bear Traverse part 1 | Ousel Peak to Mount Penrose | 12 miles in and over 9,000 ft of climbing leads to a fork in the trail—metaphorically, since most of this was off trail.  Continue through head-high stinging nettles and devil’s club or slip into the lake using slide alder to belay us along the shore?  A few more plant slaps to the face make the decision for us.  That’s how we found ourselves waist deep in icy water, covered in welts, slightly haggard, and thankful for alder. (at Great Bear Wilderness Area)
yesterday in the alpine
The water is getting cool, but summer is still in our bones. (at Flathead River Glacier National Park)
Osprey close their nostrils while diving and usually mate for life.
weekend warrior
Justin Barth takes a leg stretcher during a road trip to scramble up a choss castle
backyard pheasant
My good friend, Pete Mason, on the cover of Montana Outdoors from a photograph I took during a one day link up of the three highest peaks in the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness Area.
All 401 national parks are celebrating the National Park Service’s 98th birthday today by offering free admission.   (at Glacier National Park)
@outsidehilary soaks a line to unwind after work.  I soak my legs after a long run.  Working on an upcoming story for @theflyfishjournal  (at Flathead River Glacier National Park)